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Product overview

Manual assembly workstations
  • Manual, individual assembly workstations
  • Semi-automatic assembly workstations

Grippers and clamping systems
  • Clamping devices

Bonding, sealing, encapsulating, dosing
  • Standard dosing cells for customer-specific process integration
  • Dosing systems for greases and oils
  • Complete dosing units
  • Material feeders: barrel pumps, pressurised tanks, feed pumps
  • Dosing heads

Pneumatics, hydraulics and lubricating technology
  • Compressed air service units
  • Lubricating systems and lubricants

New products

By combining the principle of the eccentric screw pump with precision control of the dosing time and rotor speed, the new ABNOX VARIO Metering Valve supports the dosing of various lubricant quantities with the highest precision and repeat accuracy.
Precise, even and reliable volumetric dosing is possible thanks to the adjustable application speed and rotor rotation. Since the motor controller can also turn the rotor backwards, this VARIO Metering Valve guarantees clean dosing without dripping.


Matthias Iseli

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