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albrecht Elektrotechnik GmbH
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Product overview

Turnkey assembly systems according to assembled workpieces
  • Assembly systems for automotive modules for powertrain and chassis (engines, transmissions, axels, steering, brakes, chassis assemblies)
  • Assembly systems for automotive assemblies for bodywork, interior and occupant protection (lights, locking systems, mirrors, door modules, roof systems, seats, cockpit, occupant protection)
  • Assembly systems for electromechanical assemblies (motors, solenoid coils, switchgear, connection technology, batteries)
  • Assembly systems for fluidic assemblies (pumps, compressors, valves, heat exchangers, tanks, filters, hoses)
  • Assembly systems for Mechanical assemblies (fittings, locks, mounting components)
  • General turnkey assembly systems

Turnkey assembly systems according to system type
  • Continuously running assembly systems
  • Rotary indexing assembly systems, rigidly interlinked
  • Linear indexing assembly systems, rigidly interlinked
  • Linear transfer assembly systems with open workpiece carrier circulation
  • Interlinked robot assembly systems and robot assembly cells

Manual assembly workstations
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Manual, individual assembly workstations
  • Semi-automatic assembly workstations
  • Interlinked manual assembly lines

Industrial robots and manipulators
  • Robot system integration

Feed technology and conveyor technology
  • Pelletisers for orderly feeding and packing in trays

Measuring and test technology
  • Tactile measuring technology
  • Devices and test benches for leak tests and fluidic function tests
  • High-voltage and insulation test instruments
  • Acoustic testing systems for noise level analysis
  • Test modules for force-displacement and torque-rotation characteristics
  • Systems for electrical function tests
  • Turnkey end-of-the-line inspection systems

Image processing for measurement and testing
  • Image processing solutions for assembly inspection and inspection for completeness
  • Image processing solutions for functional testing