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Product overview

Industrial robots and manipulators
  • Robot system integration

Controllers, user interfaces, industrial communication
  • Graphic user interfaces

Software for assembly
  • Planning and simulation software
  • Software for controlling robots and systems

Product Innovations

Getting started easily in flexible automation with the drag&bot Robot-Kit

The basis of each Robot-Kit is drag&bot OS, a software solution for robotics that supports manufacturing companies in all steps from planning, simulation, integration and programming to rapid changeover. Also - depending on the customer's wishes - cost-efficient robots, pre-integrated gripping systems, intelligent camera systems, standardized robot platforms and modular systems for parts provision and safety can be added to the bundle.

Step #1: Simply plan robot solutions

The free cloud solution drag&bot SIMULATION, a drag&bot OS variant that can only be used for simulation, enables simple, iterative configuration and evaluation of automation ideas in a 3D environment as the basis for an investment decision.

Step #2: Realize robot solution easily

For the realization of the planned robot solution there are two possibilities depending on resources available in the company:

- The company implements the robot solution itself on the basis of a pre-integrated drag&bot bundle.
- The company procures a flexibly adaptable complete solution from a drag&bot partner.

Step #3: Flexible use of robot solutions

Robot solutions realized with drag&bot OS are easy to operate and can be adapted to changing boundary conditions by the producing company itself - flexible and economical!

Send us the task definition for your next (first?) automation!

Getting started easily in flexible automation with the drag&bot Robot-Kit
Robot-Kit Example Configuration

Product group:

Industrial robots and manipulators


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