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Just push it - Motor protection of the next generation

Push-in AF contactor and motor protection switch
Push-in AF contactor and motor protection switch

The screwless Push-in Spring connection technology for motor starting solutions is available for motor protection (manual motor starter) MS132 up to 32 A and for AF contactors up to 18.5 kW / 400 V as well as for the respective accessories, for example auxiliary contacts and connection kits for setting up reversing and star-delta starters.
The Push-in Spring terminals allow connecting rigrid wires and wires with ferrules without tools. In addition, small cable cross section or cable without ferrules can also be connected by opening the terminals uniformly with a standard screwdriver in 3 mm fin width. To disconnect cables, the screwdriver is also required to open the terminal. The Push-in Spring terminals are vibration-resistant, maintenance-free and allow automated wiring. Devices of both connection types are compatible with one another: Push-in Spring auxiliary contacts can also be used for main devices with screw technology.

- Simple, faultless wiring
- Significant time savings compared to screw technology
- No observance of tightening torques required
- Vibration-resistant and maintenance-free connection terminals

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