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ABNOX Advanced Degassing Station ADS

Advanced Degassing Station ADS
Advanced Degassing Station ADS

ABNOX Advanced Degassing Station ADS detects the smallest air bubbles and discharges them.

The ABNOX Advanced Degassing Station ADS is a system for the detection and discharge of media containing air bubbles.
The use of the system ensures that the medium is continuously dispensed, which leads to an increase in process capability in the application quality of lubricants.

The ABNOX Advanced Degassing Station ADS can be easily integrated into existing hydraulic supply systems (... both fluid ... as well as electrical / control technology) and is intuitive and easy to use. An additional password protection will avoid unauthorised changes in the device configuration and settings.

Performance Characteristics ADS:

• Easy integration of the station into existing lubricant supplying systems
• Easy connection to new production plants
• Continuous monitoring of the medium for air inclusions and discharge of medium, independent of air bubble detection
• Detects the smallest air bubbles from dia. 1.3 mm and discharges them
• Monitoring of size and number of air bubbles
• Lowest loss of medium, since only the part of the medium that contains air bubbles is discharged
• Integrated medium storage for an uninterrupted supply, also during the discharge process and when changing containers
• Monitoring of process variables with threshold value definition and reporting of threshold value violations
• 3 freely configurable 24 VDC digital alarm outputs for window and individual comparisons of different process values
• Easy and intuitive operation
• Operating and parametering directly via the operating screen (HMI) or with remote control via bus system or DIO's
• Harting plug with integrated bus and pneumatic connection
• Ethernet bus with MODBUS TCP protocol: read out and write alarm values, read out the status of the alarm outputs and read out current values of the process values


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