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Reel-to-reel SMD manufacturing

Reel-to-reel SMD production: maximum throughput with minimum space requirements
Reel-to-reel SMD production: maximum throughput with minimum space requirements

ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier GmbH has developed a new soldering system for Reel-To-Reel applications and simplifies the handling of the assemblies to be produced, especially if they are very small in size. Flexible foils or punched grids are suitable as substrates. The task is to mount electronic components on these substrates. The following process steps have to be implemented:

- Apply solder paste
- Place electronic components
- Reflow soldering

In classic production lines, the solder paste is usually applied by stencil printing. However, this is not possible with three-dimensional stamped grids. As dispensing of solder paste is too slow, the solder paste is placed precisely with the AeroJet from MUSASHI. The solder is supplied from standard cartridges. The paste is pressed into the dispensing chamber with uniform pressure.
There, a movable piston accelerates the paste and throws it through the nozzle onto the substrate, similar to an inkjet printer. The working distance can be several millimetres.
The INOPLACER from ATN is used for loading. The components are taken with a vacuum pipette from the opened pocket of the feed tape, measured in position above the camera and then accurately placed on the LeadFrame. The advantage of the INOPLACER is the Vision-on-Fly camera integrated in the axis system, i.e. the measurement takes place on the direct path to the placement position and directly in motion.
The reflow soldering is done with an IR infrared band radiator. This focuses the light of a rod lamp with an elliptical mirror on a soldering area of 200x4 mm. The polished mirror surfaces in the reflector are coated with gold to achieve optimum reflection properties for the short-wave infrared light.


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