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Pick and place machine INOPLACER-DUOTo-Reel SMD production


Just in time for the MOTEK, ATN Produktionsstechnik Niemeier GmbH is presenting the new INOPLACER-DUO for SMD assembly and dosing. With the INOPLACER-DUO ATN continues the success story of the INOPLACER placement machines.

The new INOPLACER-DUO is derived from the IPA and brings a number of innovations and improvements. Optionally, a further feeder bank can be added, so that the feeder capacity can be increased by 20% compared to the IPA. With optimized placement head, double placement head and double portal, placement capacities of 16,000 components per hour can be achieved. The Vision-on-Fly cameras integrated in the axis system enable the time-optimized measurement of the components to be assembled without the detour via a fixed camera.
Precision axes with AC servo motors and measuring rulers allow 0201 components to be loaded. The placement area is 900x400 mm. With the new versions the precision dosing systems from MUSASHI are also available. The intelligent pressure-time-dispenser with quantity compensation allows the dispensing of solder paste and SMD adhesive in dots of 200 µm and larger. The AeroJet is the non-contact dispensing alternative. It enables a higher speed and dots of 500 µm. The new software INOSOFT 4.0 is compatible to the old versions, so that programs created with older versions can be used. Nevertheless, it brings some new features, such as the integration of the Super-SIGMA and AeroJet dispensers, 2 placement heads or 2 dispensers, simplified programming of the vision system and additional peripherals and feeder versions.

Thus the INOPLACER offers a number of innovations, but remains true to its history and takes into account compatibility with the older models of the INOPLACER family.


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