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ABNOX Pulse valve AXDV-P1 (V2.0)

The new electro-pneumatic ABNOX pulse valve in the P1 series is an extremely fast switching high-performance valve for the contactless dosing of medium to high viscosity lubricants.

This pulse valve is equipped with a full jet short nozzle Ø 0.5 mm. Nozzles with other inner diameters are available as an option. Depending on the nozzle size, materials of different viscosity can be processed.

The needle function is: opening by air pressure / closing by spring pressure.
It is controlled via the 5/2-way solenoid valve integrated into the body. The short distances within the entire air supply range and the fast-switching solenoid valve with up to 200 switching cycles per second allow very high cycle rates of the entire pulse valve.

Benefit from the following advantages:

• Efficient contact-free metering of lubricants
• Flexible use thanks to the interchangeable nozzle and valve pin
• Wide dosing spectrum from the tiniest of squirts to jet-forming dosages
• Exact metering processes
• High accuracy dosing
• High dosing speed with perfectly coordinated dosing volumes
• Adjustable dosing volume
• Compact design for easy integration into any production equipment
• The lightweight device is ideally suited for high movement speeds


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