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A perfect match - DC and BLDC-Drives from SEEFRID

With the planetary geared motors of the THETADRIVE product family, Gerdt Seefrid GmbH from Bad Vilbel sets standards in terms of price / performance and variety of types!
Three sizes, 16 reductions each, 12 or 24 V, optional encoders, one size also available in BLDC technology and suitable motor controllers for all types - THETADRIVE is a well-rounded affair.

Planetary gears offer the designer decisive advantages in some applications. The output shaft of the gearbox is aligned with the motor shaft coupled to the gearbox input and the gearbox volume - measured in terms of the power that can be transmitted - is smaller than with other types of gearbox. These design-related advantages and the increasing demand from customers for motors with planetary gears prompted the Seefrid management to introduce a completely new product family with the THETADRIVE series. The aim was to create a counterpart with planetary gears, analogous to the company's previous product range, namely simple, robust and cost-effective worm geared motors. Good availability and variability in the individual versions should be in the foreground.
Based on these specifications, the THETADRIVE 22, THETADRIVE 32 and THETADRIVE 42 series gradually emerged as motor / gear combinations.

However, the worm wheel geared motors in various designs, which have been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times, continue to form the basis of the product range. A product family in BLDC (brushless) technology is now available for the types in DC technology. In three different versions, the advantages of the proven worm gear transmission configurations with a BLDC motor can be used. Mechanically, the DC and BLDC versions are 100% interchangeable. This is the first time that a system for retrofitting or retrofitting existing machines is available!


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Electric drive and installation technology


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