Clearly Sorted Assembly Technology and Handling Systems

Motek 2018 Successfully Continues Restructuring of Exhibition Offerings

At the beginning of February, just under 15 weeks after the last Motek and Bondexpo, three fourths of all available exhibition floor space has again already been booked. The concept of the international trade fair for production and assembly technology, oriented towards high-tech and industrial practice, is bearing fruit already for the 37th time. The industry meet will be flanked by the Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology for the 12th time at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre.

“The registration phase and floor space allocation are already running at full bore”, announces Motek project manager Rainer Bachert of trade fair promoters Schall GmbH & Co KG. Many renowned exhibitors from the fields of robot technology and handling systems, man-machine collaboration and safety, as well as suppliers of assembly solutions for production in flexible quantities, align themselves to the globally established trade fair duo including Motek and Bondexpo, where they present their new products. Reason enough for Schall trade fair promoters not to rest on the laurels of their success from previous years – especially in light of the fact that the dynamics of industrial practice demand more of Motek then just keeping the pace, so that the factors which drive the users and the experts from business, the scientific community and actual practice are reflected as otherwise from the 8th through the 11th of October in Stuttgart.


Structuring of the trade fair offerings with allocation to the respective exhibition halls of the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, which was initiated at Motek 2017, will be continued and intensified in 2018, and will thus make its contribution to the success of the event in the future. Turnkey assembly systems and process technologies including screwing, press-fitting and riveting, as well as dosing, were already arranged in a modular fashion in 2017. “The consistent continuation of this structure, which is aligned to daily manufacturing routine, provides our exhibitors and expert visitors with improved orientation and reduces the required amount of legwork”, explains the promoter. As a logical consequence, further segments will be reorganised for the 2018 edition of the event, i.e. basic machines and interlinking systems, semi-finished goods (profile systems etc.), safety technology (safety fences etc.), manual assembly systems, intra-logistics and operating equipment. Industrial robots and manipulators, as well as process technology, will also be integrated into the new system. Thematic structuring of additional halls has been planned for Motek in the years to come, so that the physical arrangement of the trade fair can reflect market trends.

Consistent alignment to the needs of the users is one of the essential success elements of Schall’s trade fairs, and Motek is no exception to this rule. For example, robotics and handling technology are exhibited comprehensively and are also addressed at the world-class supplementary program, i.e. at the traditional exhibitor forum with numerous technical presentations. And attention is always focused on the benefits of these systems, components and assemblies in industrial manufacturing at the forum, and not primarily on entertainment with show character.

As was also the case last year, the trade fair team is expecting roughly 40,000 visitors from more than 100 countries on just under 700,000 square feet of exhibition floor space. Assembly automation fans can keep themselves up to date via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and of course the trade fair website at