Industry 4.0? Long Since Reality!

Whether mechatronic, pneumatic or vacuum operated systems are involved, today they’re all based on networkable components and modules. Automation in production and assembly is seen as a practice-oriented trailblazer where Industry 4.0 is concerned, and is provided with a fitting presentation platform at Motek. Whether a manufacturing lot quantity of 1 or batchwise series production of single or multiple product and device variants is required, it has to be possible to setup and adjust production and assembly automation to the respective requirements by more or less simply pressing a button. The proportion of components, modules and dockable subsystems from which workstations and complete systems are created is more than 40% at Motek! As a logical consequence, system engineers discover solutions based on these components etc., and users get I 4.0 compatible complete systems which can be controlled at the master level.