Motek and Bondexpo: Digital Production at its Best

Exhibitors and Expert Visitors Praise Internationalism and Quality of the Internationally Unique Trade Fair Duo

As complementary events, the Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly and the Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology once again served as the industry meet for the end of the year from the 8th through the 11th of October, 2018. 34,725 expert visitors from 81 countries gathered information during the four days of the trade fair concerning worldwide offerings from a total of 974 exhibitors from 25 nations. The exhibitors at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre agreed: world-class technologies and top-quality expert visitors resulted in very high spirits.


Trade Fair Duo Represents More than Just Current Trends

“Companies who collect and make use of data take advantage of a decisive competitive factor”, said Axel Rogaischus at the opening press conference for Motek and Bondexpo. The sales manager for the industry sector at IBM in the German-speaking countries made his point right at the start: industrial manufacturing is becoming more and more digital – big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are already reality at many technology enterprises. Those who miss the connection here will be quickly left in the dust by others. “Competition is changing. We have to be well prepared”, added the expert for digital processes. Trade fair promoter and entrepreneur Bettina Schall was focused on the trends as well: “Consistent automation of assembly and production processes is becoming more and more important. Users from a great variety of disciplines find solutions which meet their demands at Motek – for current and future production and assembly automation.”


Innovation and Technical Information at its Best

The reconceptualised presentation structure of the trade fair offerings in six exhibition halls on 63,000 square feet has proven its worth in actual practice: within the framework of production and assembly automation, expert visitors were able to successively work their way through all process steps – beginning with receiving, including quality assurance, identification, packaging, order picking and intra-logistics.” Or they had the opportunity of going directly to the offerings in which they were most interested. “The minimal legwork, the concentrated information and the areas of interest which were organised in a thematically specific manner were very well received by the visitors”, exclaims project manager Rainer Bachert from private trade fair promoters P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG. Entirely positive feedback has also been received regarding purposeful combination with the content of Bondexpo which complements assembly technology with joining processes for combining individual components and modules. “Due to the fact that the individual disciplines are becoming more and more intermeshed, it’s only logical for us, as the promoter, to present the entire process sequence to the expert visitors and not just important individual modules”, says Bachert in summing up.


Process-Relevant Concept Highly Esteemed by Visitors and Exhibitors

This clear-cut differentiation from other similarly positioned events makes a major contribution to the lasting success of Motek and Bondexpo. The visitors also see the straightforward alignment to industrial practice as a further advantage. The event’s collaboration partners contribute to this aspect as well. The “Automation + Safety” technical forum held by partner company PILZ was booked out, as were the expert presentations at the exhibitor forum. Events held by alliance partner VDI (association of German engineers), as well as the contributions of the Mechatronics Network of Baden-Württemberg with its “Arena of Integration”, generated extremely lively interest on the part of the technologically oriented expert visitors.


Highly International Offerings and Potential Customer

Companies from 25 countries decided to present their exhibition portfolios this year at Motek and Bondexpo, both of which are becoming more and more international. Many of these companies came from neighbouring European countries. Manufacturers and distributors from Taiwan, China, the USA, Japan, South Korea and other countries rounded out the worldwide offerings. As a logical consequence and to an ever greater extent, technical experts from around the globe are taking advantage of the opportunity to gather comprehensive information about production and assembly technology at Motek and Bondexpo.


Incentive and Recognition– the Handling Award

The Handling Award was conferred for the fifth time at this year’s Motek. Outstanding products and system solutions for manufacturing and assembly automation were recognised. Ms. Ursula Ida Lapp received the special award for her impressive life’s work. At the same time, a congress initiated by WEKA Publishers was also held for the first time, namely, “Modern Assembly – Individual, Integrated, Efficient”.

The next Motek, in combination with Bondexpo, will be held once again at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 7th through the 10th of October, 2019,,