Plainly Apparent Integration Know-How

Material flow technology, handling systems, robots and grippers on the one hand, as well as bonding, joining, clinching and fastening technology on the other hand – the complementary Motek and Bondexpo trade fairs are the world’s only events to offer this combination of material flow and handling technology together with process engineering as relevant for the process sequence! From components manufacturing and module assembly right on up to final assembly, numerous mechanical and thermal processes and work steps not only have to intermesh with each other, they also have to be integrated into the overall process. And inspection and further processing, as well as repeated conveyance, gripping, positioning and joining take place between the individual processes. At the same time, the production of variants in flexible lot quantities demands maximum adaptability with regard to layout, setup, retooling, use and application, as is demonstrated at Motek by means of stand-alone stations and workflow-integrated system solutions.