Robot Boom and Digitalisation

The frequently alluded to “7-year itch” applies neither to the Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly nor to global robotics and automation business! Because Motek, as well as the complementary Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technologies, are striving to achieve renewed success to just as great an extent as the German and European, not to mention the worldwide robot and automation scene. According to the VDMA (German Engineering Association), robotics, integrated solutions and industrial image processing are booming for the 7th year in a row, and growth in turnover amounting to more than 7% is being anticipated for 2017 too! The figures, namely €12.8 billion in sales for 2016 and expected growth to €13.7 billion in 2017, apply to German robotics and automation only. But this nevertheless makes it possible to draw conclusions concerning the global situation because the export quota is now nearing the 60% level, which is distributed over, amongst other regions, Europe with 30%, China with 10% and North America with 9%.

And thus turnover has already been more than doubled from €6.2 to €12.8 billion (in 2016) since crisis year 2009, and no end to growth is in sight despite various (eco) political turmoil. The continuous growth in robot systems and above all robot-aided applications and automation solutions being experienced by Motek can be understood within this framework as well. As has also been the case in recent years, more than 160 are once again listed in the special trade fair guide for assembly systems fabrication and robot system integration, and more are being added each month. Increasing use of robotics in production, assembly and service, as well as in all peripheral areas, also supports the advancing digitalisation of production on its way to Industry 4.0. Motek will also offer a world-class supplementary programme in order to be able to provide the expert visitors, who are expected to arrive from more than 100 countries, with complementary soft information in addition to the presentation of hardware for the closed process sequences involving production and assembly automation.