The Smart Factory is Becoming Reality

Motek 2018 Assembly is Becoming More Digital

To an ever greater extent, companies are becoming aware of the fact that automation doesn’t mean a thing without digitalisation. Those who don’t deal with their processes digitally today will soon be left in the dust. Exhibitors and visitors at Motek, taking place from 8 to 11 October 2018, will keep themselves up-to-date with the state-of-the-art.


Greater Demands for Assembly Operations

Project manager Rainer Bachert is able to confirm these developments: The international trade fair for automation in production and assembly promoted by P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre has been an absolute must amongst expert visitors for years! Numerous exhibitors unveil their technological innovations dealing with all aspects of assembly automation at the event. “In the meantime, enterprises have a timetable for future-oriented planning of the smart factory. Demand for concrete solutions is more targeted as a result, and requirements for the trade fair’s exhibition offerings are correspondingly stricter”, observes Bachert.


Motek Presents Sophisticated and Economic Robotics

Automated assembly technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. Thanks to improved algorithms, as well as new sensor and image processing technologies, many industrial robots are now even capable of detecting and gripping flat and unsorted sheet metal components, for example. A learning environment is currently evolving as part of the “DeepGrasping” research project now being conducted by Fraunhofer IPA. Before initial start-up, robots practice a great variety of gripping processes which they will use later during actual operation. Thanks to simpler programming environments, demand for robots is rising amongst smaller companies, for whom robots are thus becoming more and more usable. As a result of these developments, and because the market is still screaming for individualised products coupled with shorter lifecycles, experts anticipate that the number of industrial robots will increase in assembly operations. Cobots are also part of this trend, which work hand-in-hand with people and thus make partially automated processes more efficient. Speaking of robots, current studies reveal that robots secure jobs in Germany which would otherwise be relocated to the Far East or the emerging countries for cost reasons.


Trade Fair Presents Further Assembly Technology in Addition to Robotics

Within this context, the issue of big data must not be underestimated. The collection and evaluation of data is rapidly gaining importance where assembly systems are concerned. Standardised communication between control components and, for example, an ERP system necessitates smart technology which can be integrated into Industry 4.0 processes. Driverless transport, automated handling systems, assembly workbenches, gripper system components, software for collision calculation and many other innovations from fields other than robotics will also be presented at Motek in October.

An attractive supplementary program will ensure in-depth information regarding the latest trends and technologies – always with a view to best possible cost-effectiveness in actual practice.