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New UR+ Application Kits
New UR+ Application Kits

Twenty proven software and hardware kits for the most popular cobot applications are now available on the UR+ platform, the industry’s largest and most comprehensive ecosystem of products certified to integrate seamlessly with cobots from Universal Robots (UR). By reducing recurring engineering decisions for common applications, the ’Plug and Produce’ kits decrease project risk and complexity and are ready for fast implementation for tasks such as finishing, inspection, assembly, machine tending, material removal, dispensing, and material handling.

The expanded UR+ ecosystem now features two different categories; components and application kits. The kits are developed by industry-leading UR+ partners with in-depth application knowledge that eliminates the duplication of engineering efforts when deploying widely used applications.

The new application kit category launching today on the UR+ platform features a total of 20 kits with many more to come. The kits all come with “URCap” software that enables users to control all peripherals directly from the UR cobot’s own teach pendant in a rich 3D user interface.

All application kits are now presented on the UR+ website:


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