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ART VERPOSE/TI The first mobile camera solution to avoid errors in manual assembly

ART VERPOSE/TI on the new Cleco screwdriver CellTek
ART VERPOSE/TI on the new Cleco screwdriver CellTek

ART, the Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH & Co. KG from Weilheim in Bavaria, Germany, will present at the MOTEK 2021 a continuation of the proven Tool Tracking Solution VERPOSE, which already received the award for the "Best Assembly Idea" in 2019(
With VERPOSE/TI ("TI" stands for "Tool Integrated"), a camera technology for mobile hand-held assembly devices in a compact size is now being presented for the first time.
It consists of a camera that is safe against foreign light sources, and a microcomputer that can evaluate an assembly situation in real-time. The control of the assembly tool (screwdrivers, riveting tools, etc.) is connected to VERPOSE and can react to the detection results by enabling or disabling the tool function. In this way, incorrect assemblies can be avoided or specific assembly parameters can be retreived as required for each position. In close cooperation with the automotive industry and leading manufacturers of manual assembly devices, a compact, integrated solution was created that enables maximum flexibility and process reliability in the assembly.
The ART booth is in Hall 1, 1524.


Exhibition hall 1 – Booth 1524

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