Arena of Integration 2017

The philosophy of this year’s Arena of Integration is to further illustrate the integratability of a great variety of core competencies in a consistent value creation chain on the basis of a workpiece which will be personalised, namely a flashlight. The ability to enter one’s name and to select a colour necessitates a process which is dependent on these options with data transfer, analysis and evaluation. The data are transmitted to component suppliers who are linked to each other within the recirculating system in order to initiate, amongst other things, corresponding control and repair loops.

Temperature and atmospheric humidity checks, testing of contacts, battery charge level and printing, inspection of diverse quality characteristics and partial assembly involving the insertion of the battery pack into the flashlight’s housing and screwing on the end cap are just some of the criteria for which the workpiece is examined.

New features for this year include consistent implementation of aspects relevant to Industry 4.0 such as controlling the system and the processes, as well as data management via edge cloud solutions. OPC UA interfaces are also be made use of for linking components. Ascertained data and the respective statuses are visualised by means of monitoring units, so that trade fair visitors can be informed about the history of a flashlight at any point in time, as well as at any location within the system.

In order to emphasise the flexibility of the overall system, a second product (a display) will be placed onto the workpiece carriers at irregular cycle times. The individual stations adjust to the changing conditions via integrated RFID technology.

Simulations, 3D models and virtual reality are positioned all around the system too, which point out change scenarios, the virtual possibilities of the digital twin and other visualisation technologies, as well as new types of certification in an Industry 4.0 compliant environment.

A total of 18 global players including mid-sized and start-up companies like Festo, Phoenix Contact, Schunk, KUKA and Schnaithmann Maschinenbau, Heldele Automation and Nerling Systemräume, Dimensionics, Design Engineering, Tekon and Elabo are directly integrated into the processes of the recirculating belt system, whose robot and image processing aided assembly and output is implemented by TruPhysics and HD vision. In addition to this, Ernst & Young, IPO.Plan and TÜV SÜD will present simulations, assessments and types of certification covering all aspects of the system.

An orchestrated overall system which will be harmonised and synchronised by iT Engineering by means of its edge cloud control philosophy. And thus each individual player is an important part of a very special sort of orchestra. See it and experience it at booth 8525 in hall 8.