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Exhibition hall 4 – Booth 4510

Trade Fair Highlight

ELAM software
Single workstation equipped with the ELAM START starter package

ELAM software

High quality products can only be delivered by efficient and reliable production. You can achieve this with our ELAM software - the assistance system for manual assembly. For more than 20 years and over four generations of software, ELAM has been ensuring optimum process control, reliable system control and complete traceability of each individual production step. It is unique in its tailored operator guidance, characterised by seamless integration, clear visual language and... read more

Product Innovations

SWA-Mini Client
Workstation equipped with the SWA-Mini Client

SWA-Mini Client

Customer discussions and requests were the basis for the development of our newest product: the SWA-Mini Client!
This Mini Client has the most important interfaces for small peripherals - besides a connection for LAN and scanner, up... read more



Information for employees such as drawings, work instructions or complete assembly instructions should be available at the workplace in a clearly visible manner. The current version status must be clearly visible. This is often not... read more

Single workstation with the ELAM DIALOGUE GUIDE


Assembly processes are becoming increasingly complex. The trend goes towards decreasing batch sizes, increasing numbers of variants and increasingly shorter product life cycles among frequently changing personnel. With the ELAM DIALOGUE... read more

Single workstation equipped with the ELAM START starter package


ELAM START - Your entry into assistance systems for industry 4.0
In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable employees for assembly. Medium-sized companies in particular are affected by the lack of... read more

Composite system with test station


ELAM offers you assistance functions and secure control of process sequences. Minimize the risk of
faulty assembly and specify your work sequences electronically. For complex applications we create integrated installations... read more

Smart Cabinet Building - Digital solutions for switch cabinet construction
Smart Cabinet Building

Smart Cabinet Building - Digital solutions for switch cabinet construction

Smart Cabinet Building Initiative - Perform manual processes safely - with the ELAM system

Together with the companies Weidmüller, Komax and Zuken, Armbruster Engineering has founded the Smart Cabinet Building initiative to... read more

Product overview

Product overview

Turnkey assembly systems according to assembled workpieces

  • Assembly systems for automotive modules for powertrain and chassis (engines, transmissions, axels, steering, brakes, chassis assemblies)
  • Assembly systems for automotive assemblies for bodywork, interior and occupant protection (lights, locking systems, mirrors, door modules, roof systems, seats, cockpit, occupant protection)
  • Assembly systems for electromechanical assemblies (motors, solenoid coils, switchgear, connection technology, batteries)
  • Assembly systems for electronic assemblies (electronic assemblies, sensors, HF devices)
  • Assembly systems for fluidic assemblies (pumps, compressors, valves, heat exchangers, tanks, filters, hoses)
  • Assembly systems for Mechanical assemblies (fittings, locks, mounting components)
  • Assembly systems for electric devices (household appliances, electric tools, IT and communications devices, consumer electronics)
  • Assembly systems for medical technology, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods (medical disposables, medication applicators, functional packaging, writing implements)
  • Assembly systems for solar technology
  • General turnkey assembly systems

Turnkey assembly systems according to system type

  • Continuously running assembly systems
  • Rotary indexing assembly systems, rigidly interlinked
  • Linear indexing assembly systems, rigidly interlinked
  • Linear transfer assembly systems with open workpiece carrier circulation

Basic assembly machines and interlinking assembly systems

  • Workpiece carrier transfer systems, open workpiece carrier circulation
  • Self-driving workpiece carrier systems
  • Driverless transport systems for assembly
  • Workpiece mounts

Manual assembly workstations

  • Assembly tables
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Assembly tools
  • Manual, individual assembly workstations
  • Semi-automatic assembly workstations
  • Interlinked manual assembly lines

Handling modules

  • Handling units for assembly systems (pick&place)

Packaging technology

  • Packaging units

Screwing technology

  • Handheld drivers
  • Stationary screw spindles
  • Screwing process monitoring systems
  • Manual and semi-automatic screwing workstations
  • Mounting components for screwing

Joining technology for inserting, press-fitting and fastening

  • Manual gear rack and toggle lever presses
  • Pneumatic presses and pressing units
  • Servo-electric presses and pressing units
  • Press-fitting process monitoring systems
  • Manual and semi-automatic press-fitting workstations

Riveting technology

  • Pop riveting technology
  • Manual and semi-automatic riveting workstations

Soldering technology

  • Manual and semi-automatic soldering workstations

Welding technology for joining metals

  • Manual and semi-automatic welding workstations

Welding technology for plastics

  • Manual and semi-automatic workstations for welding plastics

Measuring and test technology

  • Laser measuring technology
  • Tactile measuring technology
  • Devices and test benches for leak tests and fluidic function tests
  • High-voltage and insulation test instruments
  • Test modules for force-displacement and torque-rotation characteristics
  • Systems for electrical function tests
  • Systems for function tests for electronic modules
  • Systems for function tests for high-frequency modules
  • Dosing scales
  • Turnkey end-of-the-line inspection systems

Image processing for measurement and testing

  • Image processing solutions for 2D and 3D measurement
  • Image processing solutions for surface inspection
  • Image processing solutions for printed image inspection
  • Image processing solutions for assembly inspection and inspection for completeness

Marking technology

  • Laser marking systems
  • Needle embossers and scribe marking systems
  • Inkjet identification systems
  • Thermo-transfer direct printing systems
  • Labelling technology
  • Manual and semi-automatic marking workstations

Sensors and identification systems

  • Measuring probes
  • Barcode readers
  • 2D code readers
  • RFID identification systems
  • Torque, force and belt tension measurement

Controllers, user interfaces, industrial communication

  • Position controllers
  • Industrial PCs and panel PCs
  • Graphic user interfaces
  • General user interfaces
  • Control cabinets and electronics housings

Software for assembly

  • Engineering software (CAD, PDM, PLM)
  • Materials management software
  • Production planning and control software (PPS)
  • Quality assurance software (SPC, CPQ)
  • Consulting and systems integration
  • Software for controlling robots and systems
  • Other software for assembly

Services and organisation

  • Systems planning
  • Control, programming and commissioning services
  • General programming services
  • Training
  • Other services

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