Showroom of the international trade fair for automation in production and assembly

AAT Aston GmbH

  • Konradstr. 7, 90429 Nürnberg, Germany

Exhibition hall 5 – Booth 5406

Product overview

Product overview

Encapsulating and dosing

  • Encapsulating systems
  • Complete dosing units

Machines, systems and accessories for the adhesive and adhesive tapes processing industry

  • Hot melt adhesive application systems
  • Dosing and mixing systems
  • Industrial robots for bonding and sealing
  • Low-pressure encapsulation technology
  • Encapsulating systems, general
  • UV sources
  • Consumable material such as cartridges, needles, nozzles, cups and stirrers
  • Curing-Systems

Services and organisation

  • Job-shop assembly, Job-shop manufacturing services, Job-shop filling services
  • 3D-printer

Bonding technology

  • Polyurethane adhesives (PUR)
  • Epoxy resin adhesives (EP adhesives)
  • UV curing adhesives
  • Cyanacrylate adhesives
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Single component adhesives, general
  • Two component adhesives, general
  • Technical adhesive tapes

Measuring and test technology

  • UV testing

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