Pebot Automation

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Pebot Automation
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47546 Kalkar

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Product overview

Turnkey assembly systems according to assembled workpieces
  • General turnkey assembly systems

Turnkey assembly systems according to system type
  • Micro-assembly systems

Industrial robots and manipulators
  • Modular Cartesian robots
  • Horizontal articulated arm robots (SCARA)
  • Vertical articulated arm robots, load carrying capacity up to 5 kg
  • Vertical articulated arm robots, load carrying capacity greater than 5 kg
  • Parallel kinematics robots
  • Portal robots
  • Palletising robots
  • Industrial robots for medical technology
  • Manipulators
  • Robot system integration

Controllers, user interfaces, industrial communication
  • PLCs
  • Software PLCs
  • Safety-oriented controllers
  • Graphic user interfaces
  • General user interfaces
  • Connection and interface modules for sensor-actuator bus systems
  • Connection and interface modules for fieldbus systems

Services and organisation
  • Surface finishing
  • Systems planning
  • Engineering and calculation
  • Control, programming and commissioning services
  • General programming services
  • Technical safety services
  • Training

Software for assembly
  • Software for controlling robots and systems

Product Innovations

Automation as a Service

Automation as a Service, spends more possibilities. We make our robotic-systems available against pay-per-use.

Robots make life easier. They work, simplify, produce, save and sell. That is exactly what we do at pebot: "We transform complex ideas and processes into direct, structured interactions".

That's why we combine a lot of experience with even more curiosity and achieve trend-setting and high-quality results. This makes pebot a brand for pioneering in robotic-systems.

Test robots from pebot out-of-the-box: Simply call, test, order, deliver, install and produce. Pebot experts customize your system.

The highlight: We bill according to performance: No production - no costs. In a carefree service, we combine commissioning, optimization, instruction and maintenance. Pebot robots stand for growth, from founders to corporations.

Automation as a Service
Test production-machines without any risks

Product group:

Industrial robots and manipulators


Mr. Richard Petervari

+49 2824 99893-01