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Bettina Schall, Qualified Business Administrator

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District Court Stuttgart, HRA 720766

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Value added tax id number: DE 1462 75019

Content and Technical Responsibility

Responsible for the content according to article 55 paragraph 2 of Interstate Broadcasting Agreement: Bettina Schall, Qualified Business Administrator

Assistant to the management

Irene Maria Blankenhorn

+49 (0) 7025 9206-612

Liability for links

With its judgement dated 12 May 1998 regarding “liability for links” (312 O 85/98), the Hamburg regional superior court has ruled that persons or entities who include links in their websites share in the responsibil ity for the content of such linked websites. This can only be avoided by expressly disassociating oneself from such content.

Our website includes links to other websites in the Internet. The following applies to all of these links: We have no control over the layout and content of linked websites. For this reason, we hereby expressly disassociate ourselves from all content included in all websites to which our own website is linked. The contents of such linked websites do not necessarily reflect our own views. This statement applies to all links included in this website which allow for access to other, external websites. The contents of these websites are subject to freedom of the press.


Texts, images and graphics are covered by international copyright law. Use of individual data or complete websites, or forwarding of such to other parties is prohibited without consent, and shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law except in the case of data which has been expressly placed at the disposal of users (downloads, etc.).

All data at the WWW server maintained by the Schall Groups of Companies are checked very carefully. Nevertheless, no guarantee can be made concerning their correctness and completeness.

We would appreciate any comments regarding faulty information and/or links, suggestions and/or criticism.


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