8. July 2024

Disentangling & Feed – and Now Screwing Too

Motek Internationale Fachmesse für Produktions- und Montageautomatisierung MAFU Luftaufnahme scaled uai

MAFU Automation is a member of the MAFU Group of companies. (photo: MAFU)

MAFU with headquarters in Rosenfeld, Germany, is specialised in disentangling and feed solutions, as well as flexible sorting. The company is a traditional exhibitor at Motek/Bondexpo and will present a diverse range of disentangling and feed technology, as well as flexible feed systems. MAFU will also showcase innovations from its recently launched screwdriving technology portfolio at Motek/Bondexpo 2024. As emphasised by CEO Ralph Lehleuter in his statement: “Automation made by MAFU: this is how we intend to strengthen Germany as a production location.”

With six companies under a single corporate umbrella, the MAFU Group is an internationally active, expanding group of companies. MAFU has more than 300 employees and manufactures automation and disentangling technology, is a specialist for CAD/CAM feed solutions, offers services in the field of electrical automation, is a system supplier for product development and assembly modules, provides manufacturing services and produces vacuum and cleanroom handling equipment.
MAFU Automation is the market leader in disentangling and feeding bulk parts that are difficult to detangle – such as springs, bent wire products, retaining rings and other parts. The company also specialises in feed technology made of welded stainless steel, CAD/CAM feed solutions and flexible feed systems. It offers the right feed solution for all types of parts.
As of January 2024, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include screwdriving equipment. Its offerings now also include the fabrication of complete automatic screwdriving systems. These systems consist of screwdriving technology, modular screw feeders, associated screwdriving tools, measuring technology for quality assurance and visualisation options for absolute process reliability. MAFU’s customers include all of the market leaders in assembly technology, machinery and systems manufacturing, the electrical and electronics industry, plastics technology, the packaging industry and medical and pharmaceuticals technology. The company is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and has been honoured with the international >EcoZert< award for outstanding sustainability, which places MAFU Automation amongst the “top two percent” of all German companies in this respect.

Motek Internationale Fachmesse für Produktions- und Montageautomatisierung Uebersicht Loesungen

MAFU Automation’s range of services and fields of technology (photo: MAFU)

Motek Internationale Fachmesse für Produktions- und Montageautomatisierung Ralph Lehleuter

MAFU-CEO Ralph Lehleuter: “We’re strengthening Germany as a production location with our automation solutions.” (photo: MAFU)