16. October 2023

Motek/Bondexpo 2023: Full House, Complete Success!

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This year’s Motek/Bondexpo was a resounding success from the 10th through the 13th of October. Nearly 500 exhibitors from 22 countries presented their solutions for keeping industrial processes up to date and fit for the future. The focus was on efficiency, flexibility and getting started easily with automation.

Motek/Bondexpo 2023 enjoyed a full house and an outstanding trade fair atmosphere in Stuttgart. 496 exhibitors from 22 countries and 24,492 highly interested expert visitors once again made the 41st Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly an inspiring industry event, in combination with the 16th Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology. Already on the very first day of the event, the aisles were bustling with visitors, there were lively technical discussions and intensive discussions took place in three exhibition halls. “Manufacturing companies want to and must continue reducing their carbon footprints significantly, and they’re looking for economical solutions which make efficient use of resources,” stresses Bettina Schall, managing director of P. E. Schall trade fair promoters. “And they found their solutions here. Experts met on an equal footing during the four-day trade fair, and they experienced components, systems and equipment in action. Motek/Bondexpo 2023 has once again shown that exhibitors meet up with the right target groups here, and users get specific answers to their questions,” sums up the trade fair promoter’s managing director.

Lots of Enthusiastic Comments from Exhibitors and Expert Visitors

Once again this year, Motek/Bondexpo 2023 was a trade fair which satisfied the needs and desires of everyone involved. This is also confirmed by Ulrich Moser, head of marketing and sales controlling at IEF Werner in Furtwangen, Germany: “Motek is traditionally our most important trade fair, and once again this year we established lots of good contacts right from the very first day. Most expert visitors come with specific concerns, and we develop solutions for them directly at their own facilities after the trade fair. This is a very targeted approach which will be taken advantage of again this year.” Alexander Mühlens, head of low-cost automation at Igus, was also very satisfied: “Motek is extremely important for us because engineers and technical designers come here looking for the solutions they need.” Mühlens and his team presented solution concepts for getting started easily with robotics and automation at the highly frequented RBTX trade fair booth, whose various applications for cost-effective, easy-to-implement entry-level robotics attracted numerous interested visitors.

Focus on Flexibility and Energy-Efficiency

Thomas Wölpert, domestic sales manager at Schmalz in Glatten, Germany, also expressed his satisfaction with the keen visitor interest at the company’s booth. “We’re always happy to exhibit at Motek and present our new products here every year. It’s the platform we use traditionally for our target group. This year we’re focusing on flexibility and energy-efficiency, because our users want to reduce their carbon footprints and we’re supporting them with new solutions,” says Wölpert. Amongst lots of other innovations, Schmalz showcased electric vacuum systems this year in Stuttgart.

Convincing Trade Fair Concept Once Again this Year

Motek/Bondexpo’s trade fair concept was once again highly convincing: the practice-oriented exchange of ideas takes place in a working atmosphere and is clearly focused on the topic of automation in production – from individual components right on up to complete systems. The pragmatic presentation with a problem-solving approach supports trade visitors during an informative, time-efficient visit to the trade fair. For example, assistance systems which improve handling and assembly processes and make work easier met with great interest. Trade fair visitors discovered software which provides people with assistance. Modern, digitalised and networked components, such as screwdriving technology, serve as the basis for error-free production. AI-assisted processes are now essential, indispensable tools – on the one hand for ensuring efficiency and on the other hand for compensating for the shortage of skilled workers. The fully integrated Bondexpo presented modern adhesive bonding technology as a key technology in industrial manufacturing. 15 young companies presented new products and solutions for automation in production and assembly in the startup area. Evotron’s “Machine Vision” forum made a significant additional contribution to the benefits of a trade fair visit. Last but not least, the comprehensive presentation programme at the exhibitor forum met with great interest again this year.

Performance Benchmarks Established, Barriers Reduced, Enthusiasm Aroused for 2024

“Motek/Bondexpo 2023 has further reduced the barriers to automation,” says Bettina Schall. The expert visitors experienced practical solutions for systematic, sustainable production. Access to the future is easy, and trade fair visitors were able to convince themselves that this is indeed the case. Motek/Bondexpo 2024 will also provide the manufacturing industry with advanced solutions for working even more economically and efficiently. We will carry the exceptional, enthusiastic spirit of 2023 over to next year’s event – to the 42nd Motek and 17th Bondexpo from the 8th through the 11th of October, 2024. All exhibitors and expert visitors are cordially invited to participate – we’re looking forward to it!”


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