27. April 2022

Motek/Bondexpo Industry Highlight On the Way for 2022!

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In roughly five months, the time will come again: as a proven, traditional trade fair highlight for automation in assembly and production, Motek/Bondexpo will open its doors in Stuttgart and celebrate Motek’s 40th anniversary from the 4th through the 7th of October, 2022.

Frickenhausen, 28 April 2022 – Together with the 15th Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology, the 40th Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly is preparing for the fall event season in 2022. All industry players are looking forward to this reunion. The proven trade fair duo will once again present a broad range of solutions in the field of “automation intelligence for production and assembly”.

“Motek is one of the most important events of the year for IEF-Werner,” affirms Ulrich Moser, head of marketing and sales controlling at IEF-Werner GmbH in Furtwangen, Germany. “Participation provides IEF-Werner with an extensive spectrum of functions. In particular we can listen to our customers face to face and find out first-hand what’s on their minds. Our customers inform us how we’re doing in terms of customer orientation, service, productivity and technological strength, and we use this to enhance our knowledge and innovation edge, which also benefits the users.”

Spectacular Technological Development over Four Decades

IEF-Werner has been an exhibitor right from the very beginning and was already on hand when Motek was first launched in Sindelfingen in 1982. Since then, automation in production and assembly has enjoyed impressive progress and its issues have been reflected consistently at Motek over four decades. 1982 – no internet, no smartphones, no e-mail – it was the year when the first home computers with floppy discs appeared in our living rooms, and a lot has happened in the meantime. In the early years, Motek was mostly about individual products and components for industrial assembly and handling in conventional factories, but today the focus is on holistic, integrated system solutions. Today’s factory is long since on the road to the future – with automated processes and software-based machine functionality. Digitalisation and networking are major topics in all sectors. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been part of the production process for quite some time now because it supports process optimisation. And thus at Motek 2022, AI will be an issue across the board and in numerous systems – how processes in manufacturing can be designed economically and efficiently using integrated AI algorithms will be demonstrated in a pragmatic, highly practical manner.

Being There Is What Matters

Together with Bondexpo, Motek continues to write exemplary, future-oriented industrial history. As in the past, the community of experts for automation in production and assembly, as well as bonding technology, will experience the entire portfolio of topics covering both hardware and software. Robotics is also a well-established theme at Motek/Bondexpo. The use of robots is increasing with a double-digit growth rate. New applications, collaboration and cooperation with operators and amongst the robots themselves, increasing automation rates and autonomous control thanks to AI are some of the factors which are driving robotics. DENSO Robotics will also be represented at Motek/Bondexpo 2022 with collaborative robots: “As a leading manufacturer of industrial robots for handling and assembly technology, DENSO Robotics Europe has exhibited at Motek in Stuttgart for many years,” says Carsten Busch, product manager for cobots at DENSO. “We’re looking forward to presenting our new products once again this year, meeting with lots of customers again, establishing new contacts and discussing specific plans in face-to-face meetings.”

Practical Integration of New Technologies

The trade fair promoters at Schall have successfully maintained Motek’s concept for four decades – a technically focussed, application-oriented event format for industrial practice. It presents all products and issues with relevance for industrial manufacturing, right up to fully networked, digitalised and software-supported overall systems – the factory of the future. The specific configuration of industrial manufacturing processes is at the centre of attention for exhibitors and expert visitors at Motek/Bondexpo. Time-tested interaction between Motek and Bondexpo portrays the processes and their further development by means of digitalisation and automation. This is why Motek/Bondexpo is and will remain an ideal business platform for the capital goods industry.”

Once again in the fall of 2022, participants at the Arena of Integration (AoI) will render digitalised, networked production processes tangible and comprehensible, and ground them in actual practice. The goal of the AoI is to network various processes run by different exhibitors with each other into a single, overall industrial system. Confirmation has already been received for six exhibits.