19. November 2020

Pioneering cutting-edge technologies for value-added production

Motek Internationale Fachmesse für Produktions- und Montageautomatisierung csm Motek Leitmotiv 2021 HD 8ecb214fa0 uai

Intelligent, flexible solutions for automated production are essential success parameters for manufacturing companies in globalized markets. The world is in upheaval. Future-oriented business areas, such as clean, individual mobility through electric vehicles and the start of the hydrogen age with fuel cell propulsion, are becoming reality, as are the efficient supply of electricity and heat through renewable energies and increasing laboratory automation. Your success requires reliable electronic components, assemblies and systems in production. Networked with intelligent software. Industry 4.0 at it’s best.

Motek 2021 will clearly and competently present the cutting-edge technologies and services that are important and forward-looking for this now. Innovative, automated technologies, such as flexible feeding systems, linking systems with individual pallet direct drive, servo-electric and direct-drive handling systems and process units, industrial and service robotics, AI solutions, special software for assembly and much more will be presented live to the trade audience at Motek with Bondexpo. The multi-sensory comprehension of the assembly products presented and the intensive discussions at the trade show support the decision-makers from management and the decisive engineers in their investment projects.

With its globally unique density of specialized suppliers, Motek with Bondexpo will offer an incomparable depth of solutions for networked assembly processes.
Look forward to practice-relevant “automation intelligence for production and assembly” – from 05. until 08 October 2021 in Stuttgart.