As an original exhibitor, Afag would like to congratulate P. E. Schall on Motek’s 40th anniversary.

I’ve had the privilege of accompanying Motek as an exhibitor 30 times since 1993 and, in particular, of personally experiencing the rapid development of the trade fair in Sinsheim with all of its ups and downs. Creative solutions were frequently called for, but in the end it was always great fun to maintain an exchange of ideas and experience with the qualified expert audience and exhibitor colleagues.

And today as well, Motek reflects our technological evolution from the first “red” Afag modules in the 1980s to high-performance, IoT-capable mechatronic products. It serves as an innovation platform in the fields of handling technology, feeding technology, robotics, image processing, sensor technology and much more, and remains indispensable as a meeting place for the concerns of industrial automation.

We look forward to being there again and hope to see you in Stuttgart!

Klaus Bott

CTO Afag Group