31. August 2022

„Arena of Integration“ – Hall 1

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The Arena of Integration (AoI) will be at the heart of the Software for Assembly exhibition area at Motek 2022. Based on the intermeshing of software and assembly technology in motion, business processes mapped by software are rendered vividly visible and tangible by means of exhibits. The AoI provides ideas and solutions – and inspires expert visitors for the implementation of digitalisation at their own companies.

You can look forward to these use cases:

Special group A:
Digitalisation of the distribution of customised assembly technology

Team 1

Exhibit: Digitalisation of Order Processing for Assembly Systems Fabrication by means of Digital Twins and Virtual Commissioning
Participant link: ruhlamat GmbH, machineering GmbH & Co. KG

ruhlamat GmbH and machineering GmbH & Co. KG will demonstrate how integrated, digital order processing can be implemented with remote maintenance – from sales and the efficient development of assembly systems, right on up to the use of digital twins in production and after-sales.

This will provide a practical representation of digitalisation of order processing for assembly systems fabrication by means of digital twins and virtual commissioning.

What’s special about this presentation? End-to-end integration of digital order processing offers enormous potential. In addition to reduced costs and time savings, customer requirements can already be planned during the acquisition phase and impressively visualised by means of VR/AR.

Digital Order Processing – Straight to the Point with machineering
“Based on ruhlamat’s example, we’ll demonstrate how digital order processing can be organised with iPhysics at Motek,” explains Dr. Georg Wünsch, founder of machineering GmbH & Co.KG. “Together with ruhlamat, we’ll show how order processing can be simplified through the use of virtual commissioning and digital twins. Some companies still shy away from the supposed effort. But these technologies offer tremendous potential, which also greatly facilitates order processing. This applies to customer acquisition and digital production, as well as to after-sales.
We look forward to presenting this important issue at the Area of Integration. Based on our business example, we’ll show which concrete possibilities are available to users for the digital organisation of order processing. Potential made available in this way should be taken advantage of.
The offerings are targeted specifically at machine manufacturers from the handling technology and automation sectors.”

The presentation is targeted at decision-makers and planners in the fields of smart factories and intelligent production environments.

ruhlamat GmbH, Gerstungen, Germany, www.ruhlamat.de
machineering GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, Germany, www.machineering.com

Special group B:
Digitalisation of the distribution of customised assembly technology

Team 2

Exhibit: Virtual Presentation and Optimisation of Configured Assembly Workstations Using Extended Reality (XR)
Participant link: CMC-Engineering GmbH, Solidpro Informationssysteme GmbH

Based on the example of a fictitious workplace, Ackermann Anwendungstechnik & Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, Solidpro GmbH and CMC Engineers GmbH will demonstrate a continuous process chain for the sale of special purpose machines and assembly systems. Beginning with the definitions of the products in the Solidworks CAD system, a process is mapped which is rendered as interactive and innovative as possible. With the help of the SolidVR add-on from CAD specialist Solidpro, the configuration or design can be displayed ad-hoc in CMC’s virtual showroom solution. This provides all stakeholders with the opportunity of interacting with the proposed assembly solution and optimising its design and layout during the sales process.

The SOLID VR solution for machine and systems engineering is integrated directly into Solidworks as a VR plug-in. The user can get started straight away – even without any previous VR knowledge. The user benefits from simple, intuitive operation. The target group includes machine and system manufacturers, CAD designers and marketing and sales specialists.

“As a solutions provider for visualisation and simulation in the fields of machinery manufacturing and assembly technology, it’s always a challenge for us to translate the needs of mid-sized companies into practical solutions. Together with partner Solidpro and mutual customer AAT, we’re excited about presenting this solution at Motek.”

Julian Hermle, Technical Manager, CMC Engineers GmbH, www.cmc-engineers.de
Solidpro GmbH, www.solidpro.de
Ackermann Anwendungstechnik & Vorrichtungsbau GmbH, www.aat-fellbach.de

Team 3

Exhibit: Efficient Assembly Processes via Virtual Material Flow Planning Supported by Simulation
Participant link: Visual Components GmbH

Visual Components will present a material flow planning solution, which is a prerequisite for well-balanced production and assembly planning. CAD-supported planning of a hinged-chain conveyor system, the creation of a digital twin for the configured conveyor system and the simulation and optimisation of the customer-specific conveyor system will be demonstrated.
Optimisation of assembly planning and material flow reduces throughput times, decreases error rates and increases efficiency, thus making it a key indicator of company performance. Well-structured, transparent assembly planning is crucial for smooth and successful production operations. In-house value creation processes are analysed with the objective of reducing throughput times and inventories, as well as optimising the utilisation of resources and capacities.
The visual components simulation solution provides a quick and easy visual method for defining and managing products, processes and production workflows. Process modelling offers lots of significant benefits such as simplified layouting and simulation configuration, an optimised modelling and simulation run and enhanced simulation performance.

Special group C:
Digitization in the assembly plant

Team 4

macio GmbH and sereact GmbH: Optimised Value Creation with Indoor Localisation, Data Acquisition and Autonomous Robotics

“The Arena of Integration provides macio and sereact with the opportunity of presenting solutions for optimised value creation within an overall concept. On the basis of a complete assembly line, we’ll demonstrate the potential which is opened up by autonomous robotics and digitalisation in production,” explains Ralf Gulde, CEO of sereact GmbH.

macio GmbH and sereact GmbH offer two levels of digitalisation and automation in production. With the help of a collaborative robot, various articles are picked from a single-sort container and placed into a load carrier. During the course of this process, the cobot works entirely autonomously, because sereact’s AI-supported control software allows it to perceive its surroundings and identify precise gripping points, even for complex objects, and to develop manipulation strategies if necessary.

Tilo, macio’s Shopfloor Performance Kit, simultaneously collects machine data in order to generate key figures such as overall equipment effectiveness, which are important for shop floor management. At the same time,

tracio (macio’s indoor localisation solution) tracks load carrier motion right on up to the shipment of the manufactured product and ensures full traceability of production orders. Utilisation per production step is also depicted in this way.

We’ll demonstrate various degrees of digitalisation at a complete assembly line. From fully autonomous order picking in the work preparation department, as well as quick, system-independent collection of production data and a complete value creation overview, visitors will experience differing degrees of digitalisation in assembly. Integration is an important keyword, because all of our solutions can be integrated without creating a patchwork quilt. In this way we ensure that valuable information and the sensible use of technology – in the right places – contribute to more efficient processes, and thus to effective assembly and production.

We’re targeting manufacturing and production SMEs who view digitalisation as an opportunity for becoming more productive and sustainable (production and manufacturing managers, process managers)

“We at macio and sereact are delighted to participate at the AoI for the first time. Based on our exhibit, we would like to invite you to discuss individual solutions for the future of manufacturing companies. With each element, we address current challenges in the market – from the shortage of qualified personnel to robust processes and greater transparency,” says Frieder Klotz, product solution specialist at macio GmbH.

macio GmbH, www.macio.de
sereact GmbH, www.sereact.ai

Team 5

Exhibit: Digitalisation in Automated Assembly
Participant link: thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering GmbH (with the two business units: Digital & Software Solutions and Fuel Cell Assembly).

The use of manufacturing execution systems (MES) for new as well as existing systems will be demonstrated (greenfield and brownfield). MES functionalities in automated assembly are presented in detail on the basis of use cases. The advantages of shop floor data collection in automated assembly are made apparent, options for retrofitting existing facilities are demonstrated and the challenges of shop floor data collection in new and old systems are explained.
What’s special about this use case? “Our manufacturing execution system (MES) fulfils all of the requirements of an efficient production management system through the intelligent use of the customer’s production data. Numerous evaluations and key figures can be accessed via the web at any time.

  • Use in new as well as existing systems is possible (greenfield and brownfield).
  • Acquired operational technology data (OT) can be used for information technology (IT).
  • A demand-oriented production system can be planned.
  • Users can keep an eye on the quality of each and every component.
  • Knowledge of what’s happening within the systems.

All of this is offered by our manufacturing execution system (MES). We don’t just deliver a software package, we also implement it within the production environment and take care of everything from data acquisition, data communication and data analysis, right on up to the visualisation of machine data and production data. We’re specialised in processing data within the customer’s machine fleet.
Our manufacturing execution systems (MES) are suitable for companies who want to network their machines and analyse real-time data, and who are looking for a partner who understands the challenges of production. The MES can be used in everything from manufacturing cells to series production and is suitable for both new and existing systems (greenfield and brownfield). The solution is being marketed for new installations with a focus on electromobility, as well as for existing installations in the medical technology and SME sectors.”
Daniel Sturz, Sales Manager Product Management – Digital Products

thyssenkrupp Automation Engineering www.thyssenkrupp-automation-engineering.com

Team 6

Exhibit: Lean Production – Simple, Cloud-Based KPI Determination in a Manual Production Environment
Participants: BeeWaTec AG, RAFI GmbH & Co. KG

A manual production process is streamlined by integrating KIS.ME and an AGV system within the framework of this use case. With the help of KIS.LIGHT and KIS.BOX, KIS.ME supplements the manual production process by recording and displaying key production figures in real time in the KIS.ME Manager. BeeWaTec’s AGV demonstrates fully automated removal and delivery of stacked small load carriers in order to downsize the AGV fleet.

“We’re looking forward to participating in the Arena of Integration. Within the framework of our use case, it’s important for us to demonstrate simple integration and interaction of cloud technology and the production process. Automation and the transparency of a manual process can be presented more clearly with the help of KIS.ME.”

The presentation is targeted at lean managers, process managers, manufacturing managers and production managers from small and mid-sized companies.

BeeWaTec AG, www.beewatec.com
RAFI GmbH & Co. KG, www.rafi-group.com

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